Strange behaviour [Explained]

Roon acting strange, I have added a folder where Roon has to index, I’m missing some of the albums, Roon seems not to see or index some of the albums, all other programs had no problem with it

Are you sure they are missing ?
In your screen shot above the albums have a little number in the top right corner. This seems to match all the discs listed in your fiolder list pics.
Open the album with 8 in the corner and inside you will see that 8 discs are part of that album.

Hope that helps.

Just wanted to delete the message, I was mistaken or lt say forgotten that roon acts in the way you mention, i was confused because of a bluesound app that i regular use next to Roon.
Thanks for the quick respons Nick

No problem. Different apps handle multi-CD sets in different ways. Roon will stack them under a single cover.