Strange behaviour reading forum topics on my Samsung A5(2017) phone

I am using a Samsung A5 (2017) phone, running Android 8.0.0
I am using Chrome as my web browser.

Since the latest upgrade of Chrome on February 24th, version 80.0.3987.119, I experience a very annoying issue reading the forum.

If a topic is running over 1 page, I cannot go past the last message. The browser jumps always back to that last topic.
To read another new or unread topic, I now have to click the 3 horizontal bars and select the new or unread topics.
And this over and over again.

On my ipad or PC, I still have the normal behaviour that new and unread messages are shown and clickable under the last message in a topic. (On the ipad, Chrome version is …87 , also updated on February 24th).

Now I have checked with the Computeraudiophile forum, as I do believe they use the same forum software.
I do not experience the same behaviour there.

Could somebody take a quick look at this please?
Would be great to know if other users have the same experience on their Android smartphones/tablets


I don’t know if related or not, but lately (somewhere around end of February) the forum here seems to got an update too. I primarily noticed it by the changed notification button that now displays a bell. It may also be that not all forums that use Discourse are on the same version or that they may have their own individual tweaks, so comparing with other forums might not be helpful.

Yes, it updated to 2.5.0.beta1. I don’t know if that is coincidence or not.
Since either that or the chrome upgrade I have been experiencing two minor issues on my Samsung TabS2, but only with chrome (same version as OP). Firefox and Samsung’s own browsers are ok.

  1. Occasionally the screen will judder up and down for a second when going to a new thread.

  2. The small pop-up (bottom right) which shows which number post you are reading has gone - but only on portrait; if you turn to landscape it is there and stays there when returning to portrait. However it doesn’t stay when moving to the next thread.

I checked with and see same behaviour there. (The Computeraudiophile forum seems slightly different). I can’t find any reference to these problems anywhere which is strange.

Chrome app has been updated to version. …132, which brings back normal behaviour of viewing & reading the forum topics.
For me this topic can be closed.

…132 has not helped me I’m afraid.