Strange behaviour trying to identify an album

I see a strange behaviour trying to identify an album.
Album is “Napkin poetry” from “Minor Majority”.
It was not identified by Roon.
If I try to identify I see no result

But if I remove the album name, there it is (last in the list)

with exact the album name I searched for.

What’s going on?

Good question since the exact same thing happens to me all the time when trying to manually identify various albums. However don’t expect an answer anytime soon since the whole identified/unidentified album issue seems to be some kind super secret Roon process. I’ve been trying to get more information about this feature and how it impacts Roon’s database and metadata for several months but cannot seem to get any response other than “don’t worry about whether or not an album is identified, it’s not important”. So if it’s not important why have the feature at all?

I should try the same approach with my yearly Roon subscription fee, as in “hey don’t worry it’s just not that important”.

From the allmusic entry I would assume the metadata for this album is incomplete or it just came into the Roon dataset and isn’t fully integrated yet. Albums with incomplete / missing track metadata in the Roon “cloud” are “second class” – they will never get identified automatically and maybe this somehow also affects manual search results.

Hi @AE67,

I’ve passed this along to the team so they can take a closer look at what’s happening with the search results here. Thanks for the post, we appreciate the feedback!

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Hi @AE67,

I wanted to reach out with an update — Our technical team has opened a ticket with our development team for further investigation and a solution. I can’t provide a specific time that a change will be made here, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we have more information.

Thanks for your patience while we’ve looked into this, it’s greatly appreciated!

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I hope I’m not stepping on @dylan’s toes here, but just a thought…
Could there be some non-printable characters in @AE67’s album title (if it was ripped locally)?


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