Strange behaviour with GnuPG when Roon is running

I’ve been trying to solve a problem I have with GNU Privacy Guard ( and it appears to be related to Roon running. At this point, I just want to confirm if the issue is mine alone or if there is some sort of issue with them running on the same computer. I get that this may be a bit of an edge-case…

Short version: when Roon is running, GnuPG give the following error when initializing: “dirmngr configuration check failed” but it still loads, to some extent. However, it will not open its user interface called “Kleopatra” nor can you open the configuration setting for it until I close Roon. (i.e. you can click on GPG short cuts; try running the executables from commandline or powershell and there is no response if Roon is running).

So, is anyone running Roon and GPG together? Any ideas why they wouldn’t play nice together? Before I bring this up with that community, I want to confirm that its not just me.


I have the same issue… It appears that Roon listens on a port dirmngr tests for before it starts (port 9150).

Thanks for confirming and sourcing the issue to the port.

You can ‘fix’ it by disabling dirmngr/libassuan’s Tor interface by adding no-use-tor to ~/.gnupg/dirmngr.conf.

This isn’t a solution for my case since gnupg is run temporarily by gemato, Gentoo’s manifest verification tool… It also wont be a solution for anyone who needs to use Tor with gnupg.
Does Roon need to use port 9150?

Fantastic. Thank you