Strange composer credit in one version of Patricia Barber's Higher

Some albums have the strangest credits. Originally I bought and burned the cd and the metadata seems OK. Recently I downloaded the DXD version of the album Higher and most of the composer credits were wrong. I tried to edit track by track to put Patricia Barber as both the performer and composer, but in one case illustrated here, though I unchecked the wrong composer (Chris Barber’s Jazz Band) and added the correct composer the former does not go away. So odd.

Did you edit the composition as well? Click on the 3 dots next to the track and then goto composition.

It is often not enough to edit the track level performance. You may need to edit the ‘master’ composition as well.

Thanks much. Doing that worked; but, of course, one should not have to do that.

Unfortunately this type of credit duplication is common in roon. It is not just composers. Seems to stem from the way in which roon uses multiple metada sources. Its a twin edged sword. It cannot be assumed that one source will plug the gaps in the others. It’s just as likely there will be duplicates of various sorts. I recall several threads on this but I can’t remember where they are.

Thanks. I will try to search for a few of those. You are clear, though, that this is not a case of duplication, rather attribution of a composer who has nothing whatsoever to do with this.

I am using ‘duplication’ loosely. Sometimes it might be an ‘equivalence’ that roon doesn’t catch. For example there are often hundreds of equivalent spellings for Classical composers and Classical artists. Roon tries to map them to each other but many still slip through especially where one meta-data supplier tends to use one equivalent spelling and another meta-data supplier another one. It is also not uncommon for roon to consolidate unrelated composers/artists comming from different meta-data sources as in your example.

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Hi @Mark_Ellenbogen,

Can you zip this album and send it over to us so we can take a look?


thanks @dylan - I uploaded the album.

Thanks, @Mark_Ellenbogen. We’ll take a look and follow up soon!