Strange date sorting order

In the “Main albums” overview for Hans Zimmer based on release date there is something strange.
For the last albums there is
5 February 2021 Wonder Woman 1984 (Sketches)
19 March 2012 White Fang (Basil Pledours/Hans Zimmer)
27 March 2021 Hans Zimmer: Epic movie soundtracks

So the 2nd one is out of order. If it is placed at the end because Hans Zimmer is not the 1st mentioned “artist”/composer, than should it still not have been behing the 27 March 2021 release?

Roon Opitmized Core Kit
Roon version 1.8 (build 790) stable

Roon 1.8 (build 790) stable running on macOS Big Sur, version 11.2.3

What dates do you use for sorting? What dates are the dates you listed in your example?

There is an option in Settings|General:


IIRC is “Original release date” the default setting.

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I am sorting based on “Albums by release date”.

The sort option is always named like that. The option in Settings|General determines which, original release or just release, dates are used for that sorting (when/if available).

Hi BlackJack
Found what you are referring to.
Album dates for sorting: Original release date
Album date sort order: Oldest first
Date added sort order: Newest first

By the way: changing oldest first to newest first for album date sort order does not seem to change the order … ?

It’s not intended to change your current “Sort by date” ordering, use the arrow in the sort drop-down to do that. It merely defines the default sort order (oldest first / newest first) when switching to “Sort by date” from another sort option like “Sort by artist”.

It still leaves the question why the sort order seems to be wrong. I checked and White Fang does seem to have an original release date in March 2012 (even thought the film is even older). At least it should be not displayed between albums originally released in 2021.

Look at the dates as present in Roon. When I look at the primary data source used by Roon through I see:

March 12, 2021 for White Fang [Original Soundtrack]

No mention of a 2012 release, which would perfectly explain the order you see.