Strange graphics bug

Hi, I wonder if someone could help. I noticed this evening that an odd graphics issue has just started in my use of Roon. The problem is that on occasion the odd number or letter is missing. Completely vanished. I attach a picture here of the Discover screen and you’ll see the “c” is missing. It also happens with numbers. Seems random but is nevertheless irksome. I’m running a ThinkCentre M720q with 16gb of ram.

Any fix would be much appreciated.

Typically this is indicative of the GPU running out of memory, but it also may be down to the GPU driver.

I would suggest going to the GPU manufacturer’s site (not Windows) and downloading and installing the latest version.

Restarting Roon likely fixes it.
Good luck, and report back, please!

Thank you for these replies. I’ve updated my GPU driver and it seems ok now.

One thing that occurred to me: I recently had a massive critical crash in my database and storage. I’ve since been in the process of restoring 12TB worth of music. I mention this because I wonder how my processing power Roon uses for its background analysis of audio and whether this impacts GPU performance.

Until yesterday, I’ve never encountered the missing numbers/letters bug in Roon. Looking at my memory resources, it seems I’m using about 50% with Roon, Chorme, and Word open. That’s with 16GB. Would it be beneficial to have 32GB of RAM?

What is the total track count of both local files and streaming files in your library?

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I don’t stream, it’s all local. I have a total of 71583 tracks and 5961 albums.

I’ve been monitoring performance today, and it does seem as though my RAM usage hits about 65% at times. Tomorrow, I have another 16GB of RAM coming for a total of 32GB. I will see if that resolves it. As say, my sense is that the background analysis of this data is intensive but whether that impacts GPU, I don’t know.