Strange issue with file displaying/not displaying


I have a multichannel FLAC file, Peter Gabriel UP, that for some reason will not appear in Roon if I put it in one sub folder, but will appear in Roon if I move it to another sub folder.

More specifically, my “watched” folder is titled Music, and within this folder are a few sub folders. If I put the above file in the sub folder titled MCH where I keep my multichannel files, Roon will not display that file. If I move it to the other sub folder, titled Jim, where all my 2 channel files reside, it displays fine. This is the only file I’ve come across that displays this behavior.

Of course the fix had been to leave it in the Jim sub folder, but I’d prefer to keep it in the MCH sub folder where all my other multichannel files reside if possible.

Any ideas what is going on?

Hi @Saturn94,

Can you share the paths for both the folder where it works and the folder where it doesn’t work?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

This path works:

Music > Jim > Peter Gabriel > Up [SACD MCH]

This path does not work:

Music > MCH > Peter Gabriel > Up [SACD MCH]

Here’s the screenshot you requested

Hi @Saturn94,

Thanks for confirming that. Let’s try the following:

  1. Copy this album to someplace outside of your watched folders.
  2. Delete this album from Roon so it’s completely wiped from Roon’s “memory”.
  3. Move the copied album back into the MCH folder.

Once you’ve done this:

  • Does the album show up as expected?
  • If you search by path are you able to find the tracks from this album?
  • Does anything appear in Skipped Files?

That worked. :smiley:

When this first happened when I originally added this file (some time ago) I’m sure I tried deleting it and adding it again without success. No matter, it’s good now.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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