Strange Issue with Schiit Yggy

My Schiit Yggy finally came in today after waiting for a month on backorder. I fired it up and immediately went to enable it in Roon connected to my Raspberry Pi endpoint running DietPi and Roonbridge. In the Roon audio config I see the Yggy twice, both as ALSA. For some stupid reason I enabled both originally just to see what would happen, and Roon lost recognition of the Yggy. It would flash briefly in the audio setup section and then disappear…and couldn’t be selected as a zone to play to. Not knowing what else to do, I kicked off a Roon restore from backup, and uninstalled Roonbridge on the Raspberry Pi and reinstalled it. Once Roon finished the restore from backup, I was back to where I started. I still see it 2x but I only enabled one and it’s working fine. Just wanted to report what I saw, b/c things definitely went haywire when I enabled both. In the screenshot under PiOffice you can see it reporting the Schitt device 2x.