Strange New Issue With Roon Image On LG OLED TV

This is a strange thing that just started happening within the last few days. I think it started before the recent Version upgrade to Build 806.

I run a Roon Nucleus and have an Oppo 203 DVD connected by ethernet. From the Oppo, I use HDMI to LG OLED TV and HDMI from TV to Bose 5.1 system.

Normally, I see the album playing displayed on the TV screen as the attached image. Recently, an image of Creedence Clearwater Revival will replace the correct image for no apparent reason. The correct music continues to play and all the displayed information is correct except the image itself. The image if from an album I play frequently.

I suppose something is cached somewhere, but I don’t know how to delete it. I went into Roon - Settings and cleared the image cache, but it still happens.

Can someone tell me what else I should try? And, if you have any ideas, please give me some pretty complete instructions because I am not a computer person.

This is not a huge issue, so don’t waste a lot of time on this. Thanks.

It’s always this same image…

Hey @Jim_F,

Thank you for being just as thorough in describing the possible solution, as you were in describing the problem. The additional details help have a more holistic view of what might be going on.

We’ll keep our eyes open for your update - I’d love to find out whether the issue returns, or if it was a one-time mishap :eyes:

Thanks for keeping us in the loop :pray:

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Hey Jim, I’ve had the same issue, numerous times - dating back to 1.7, playing Roon through my 205.

Can’t recall if it was the HDMI connection or the RR Ethernet connection but I think it was Ethernet. The image would remain on one album cover after it switch to the next album in the queue. Seems like I had to stop and restart the session to clear it up.

The RR code in the OPPO is old, dating back to the last OPPO firmware update.

I reported this to OPPO. Have no idea if they will bother to look at it. A firmware update with the latest RR code might help.