Strange noise when no music is playing



I am a new Roon user, and I am encountering an issue with my audio playback, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help figure this out!

Video for reference:

Whenever no music is playing, whether on pause or if there is a moment of pause between tracks, a sound comes out of both channels. Video above shows what I’m talking about.

I just purchased a brand new Brinkmann Nyquist, which is supposed to have complete compatibility with Roon, making this all the more strange.

I originally had my Core set up on my PC, I moved it to my QNAP, no change, and now it’s back to my PC. I have tried using different cables, from the 20ft unbalanced I am currently running to 3ft balanced, no change. I also tried using different inputs on my integrated amp, no change.

Everything is pointing to something between how Roon and the Nyquist are talking to one another. One thought I had is that it has something to do with the PCM format. I say this because one time when my TV was incorrectly set to audio out --> pcm, a weird noise not entirely dissimilar from this emitted.

This issue does not occur when I play out of my computer speakers. Only when I run through the Nyquist. Happens with both my own library and when streaming Tidal.

If anyone can shine a light on what might be going on it would be very, very appreciated!


Other info:
Running 64 bit Windows 10
Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM
QNAP was updated to have most up-to-date firmware, is running Roon Server
NETGEAR router, updated the firmware

Not that I do really have an idea what the problem is but when there’s noise where should be none it may be some grounding or placement (induced by another device) issue. I assume the Brinkmann’s silent where it should be when it’s not connected to the network / using another source than Roon, right?

I will be able to test a cd transport with the Nyquist tomorrow & will certainly report back. I too am assuming that it is network specific and will not be present with cds.

Hello @MGH,

Thanks for the report, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re having these difficulties. As @ndrscr mentioned, a very important data point here is going to be if this noise continues when the DAC is on a different input other than the networked/Roon Ready input. Let us know when you’ve had the chance to test.