Strange occurrence: Roon.exe disappeared and roon unavailable on all devices

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on dedicated Core i7 fanless NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All wired ethernet NUC=>switch=>NAS

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet expert pro via RAAT

Number of Tracks in Library

520,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Last night went to sleep and all was working normally.
This morning I get up and on my Windows laptop, the shortcut to Roon.exe can no longer find Roon.exe. It’s gone.
On my Ipad, I get the 'there was a problem loading your database. Tried restoring from a backup. It sees the backup but does nothing when I try to restore.
Back to the laptop. Browse to the NUC and restart RoonServer.
Right-click on shortcut to Roon, to find the location of the roon.exe
It is not there. What IS there, is a roon.exe_OLD, dated 17 dec 2021

Something disappeared my roon.exe application?!
Having no other option, I rename roon.exe_old back to roon.exe.
Click the shortcut and Roon launches.

It is currently scanning and telling me there is an update available.
It seems to me the release of this update was kloodgy and it somehow borked my current version of Roon (882) without replacing it with the new version. If I hadn’t had the instinct of looking for the EXE and renaming it, I might have lost everything.
Has anyone else had a similar experience?


not running any dedicated antivirus solutions. Also: since Roonserver is on the NUC, why would an antivirus on a laptop kill Roon on the NUC and make it inaccessible on all other remote devices (Ipad, Iphone, etc)?

Sorry, I skimmed too quickly over your post. Need to leave this one to @support.

Hi @Patrick_Van_Osta ,

Thanks for the report here, this is strange behavior indeed. Do you by any chance still have the Roon logs from your PC from when this issue occurred?

If you didn’t save any or are unsure, can you please use these instructions to access your Windows logs (Not ROCK) and upload a set here?


Done, thanks.

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Hi @Patrick_Van_Osta ,

Thanks again for sending those logs over. I wanted to let you know that your case is with the QA team for review. I don’t have any timelines for the review that I can share since this was a once-off issue, but if it occurs again, please do let us know, as that would be an interesting data point. Thanks!

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