Strange "Performances" behavior?

As I understand it, if I select “Performances” for any track with that link, I will be shown a list of other albums with versions of that track. An odd thing is happening with the album Les Miserables The Highlights. All the songs listed show 19 performances which is equal to the number on tracks on the album. If I click on Performances I am taken to a list showing all the tracks from the album. The reason is because Roon is not recognizing each track’s title. Instead, each track is being recognized as Les Miserables, musical, even though in the album view each track shows its unique title. See below:

Album view with unique tracks

After selecting Performances for "At the End of the Day"

List showing all the tracks of Les Miserables as Performances of "At the End of the Day"

I think this is a metadata error at Rovi’s end, if my understanding is correct.

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