Strange Playback Behaviour On Last Track

Last night was listening to Ana Popovic " Ana! ". The last track " My Man " finished as expected but after a period of silence another title started playing. Again this morning the same thing happened to a Tanya Donelly " Beautysleep " album, " The Shadow ". Both tracks are over 9 minutes long as shown in the play list. Can only assume it is a release error by the studio concerned. Looking on the bright side getting a bonus track.

Are you sure you do not have Roon Radio set to ON. This will start randomly selecting music based on the last track played. Look under the Queue section on the right.

Never use the Roon Radio feature, Always set off. This is happening within the same track so I presume that Roon Radio feature would not kick in until track has finished. Going to download these tracks for offline listening to see if the same behaviour gets replicated.

I think it is supposed to be like this. The track listing for “Ana” says that it is a bonustrack “hidden” in “My Man”

My man + bonus track (Long Lost Love)!

So problem solved. Went on the Ana Popovic official site and there also lists a bonus track MY MAN + BONUS TRACK (LONG LOST LOVE).