Strange problem when using my Android Tab


I have Roon Server setup on my server which has my music files and Roon Bridge on a PC that’s connected to my DAC.

The server is connected to my router via LAN and the PC with roon bridge is connected wirelessly.

When controlling Roon through my Laptop I have no issues but when I launch the app on my Nexus 7 Tab, I get sound dropouts and many times the track changes to the next mid way.

Is this something to do with the settings?

The first thing I would do is connect the PC with the DAC with a wired connection and see if the problem persists. If it clears up then you know the issue is in the wireless environment and we can focus on that.

Thanks. I’ll try that.
I have another problem. I use a M2Tech Evo USB to Digital Interface. This does not show up in the list of audio devices on Roon and I’m forced to go through JPLAY to make it work. Is there a workaround for this?


I don’t know if that will help, but there are several threads on various issues involving Android not connecting correctly with the core. Go to the search icon (lens) on the toolbar at the top of the Roon forum’s page, type “Android core” and you’ll find those threads. In general, there seem to be some subtle, not fully understood interactions between the Android Roon app, maybe the Android version, the specific brands/versions/settings of network components (routers, switches, wifi access points), and the specific machine and software versions for the core. I own several Android devices as well as an iPad, and I’ve experienced extreme versions of those problems with all of the Androids but never with the iPad. Anyway, what fixed the Android connection problems for me was to disable IGMP snooping in the NetGear switch that sits between my core and the rest of my home network. I own a Nexus 7 that was unable to connect to the core since last year, until this seemingly trivial change, and now connects happily and controls play reliably.

Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t find the IGMP option in mmy router. Will search the forums for additional information.

And in any case IGMP snooping might not be the issue in your setup, this seems to be a problem specifically with NetGear switches in the data path between Android remotes and the core.