Strange result for recommended albums for Mendelssohn

Here is Roon’s recommended albums for the composer Mendelssohn. The top recommendation is an album by Lang Lang. This is a compilation album of encore pieces by a dozen or more composers. The only piece by Mendelssohn on it is a minor piece that lasts 1 minute 49 seconds. No reasonable person would ever pick this album as a recommendation for the work of Mendelssohn. I’ve seen I think other similar instances. The culprit seems to be “best of” or compilation type albums. When I ripped my own CDs there was a “compilation” flag set, so if this metadata is available to Roon would it be possible to exclude these sort of albums? Perhaps with a switch analogous to the “complete recordings only” one, ie “Exclude compilations”. Or can this behaviour be justified?

Well, I was surfing the Power Metal artist Rhapsody/Rhapsody Of Fire (they cnahged name mid career due to legal problems) and 3 out of 5 suggestions are NOT of the artist. I know maybe this is a Tidal problem, but you would think that besides the name, styles or genres would be used to differentiate similar names.

This things throw my musical immersion in Roon to the garbage…

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