Strange results when searching playlist

When using the search feature it appears that Roon searches playlists by name but not tracks within them even if playlist and track stored locally. There are some well curated playlists on Tidal and it would be great to be able to search them, particularly if I have the list saved locally. Thanks in advance!

You don’t really want search for that. Surely browse would be a better option.
e.g. browse/Tidal/playlists…away you go.

If I search for an artist and they are already in a playlist (particularly a local playlist) I may wish to view that playlist for inspiration or to play it. Just another way to explore a collection. It seems like another good way to find links to music outside of my collection. I’m not looking for a specific playlist.

Thanks for the suggestion @Hectorson – I think there’s a lot more we can do with playlists, both on Tidal and in your local collection.

I’m going to make a note about this, and think about it more. I forget which service it was, but one of the streaming services showed editorial playlist appearances on their artist pages, and I found a lot of great playlists that way.