Strange roon core authorization issue


I have a problem being able to de-authorise one of my devices.

In the day time (away from the house) I have a roon core on a MAC and play it locally, this works great, lets call this Mac1.
When I get home I have a second Mac with Roon server running and use the iPhone app to remote control it Let’s call this Mac2

For some reason, Mac 1 won’t de-authorise, even though it’s not the core (and it tells me it’s not the core).
If my Mac 1 is turned off, my iPhone is unable to de-authorise Mac1 and authorise Mac2 (to remote control), there are no controls any more on the app to de-authorise Mac1, it just shows me what it thinks is the core (which is incorrect).

I have to have Mac1 turned on (which is not being used as a core) for the iPhone to control Mac2. This way everything works. As soon as I turn Roon off on Mac1, the connection stops and iPhone is unable to play thru Mac2 (Mac1 is not being controlled, it just needs run Roon with the the splash screen to say “Choose your Core” for Mac2 to be controlled by the iphone).

I know it sounds complicated, but it’s very confusing to why I need Mac1 running when it’s not the core and the iPhone thinks it is (even though it can see Mac 2 Roon server). Is there a way to can run a debug log?

Many thanks

Since recent releases,

There’s a bug in Roon Remote for iPhone, preventing proper deauthorisation of Roon Cores. This has been fixed in the current build, which has been submitted to the App Store yesterday. With Apple’s current turnaround rates, I would expect it to become available in the next few days.

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Lovely, thank you for your prompt answer.

Looking forward to the update.


Should be live now @Richard_Curtis!

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