Strange Roon Radio Behavior

Just had the strangest bug ever…
During a Roon Radio session, The “upcoming track” (30 sec notice) popup appeared with Barry White’s “My first, my last, my everything” or whatever it’s called. I thumbed it down and stated that I don’t like this song.
This is what happened next:

  1. The popup did not disappear and did not change to a different song.
  2. When the current track ended, the popup very briefly flashed with a different song and disappeared. The song was Luther Vandross - Never Too Much.
  3. The song that actually started playing next was Barry White’s.
  4. The now playing screen is showing Luther Vandross’ song, while the song actually playing is Barry White!
  5. Pausing and quickly playing again, Barry White continued to play.
  6. After pausing for a bit longer and playing again, it changed to Luther Vandross.

Hi Lior,

Thanks for the report here. I have moved your post over to the support section just in case this issue occurs again. I am thinking that you may have had a temporary network disconnect when this issue occurred but if you see this behavior again in the future please do let me know here. It would also be interesting to know if this issue occurs only on one zone or if it has happened on other zones as well.


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Thanks @noris, it might very well be a temporary network issue as I’ve had a few recently.

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