Strange Search behaviour [Acknowledged]

Version 1.8 (build 756)


Virgin media, modem mode
TP Link Router acts as main router for house, running DD-WRT.
Second TPLink acting as access point in living room. Router and AP connected via Ethernet cabling running through house

This is a very reliable and fast network

ROON ROCK connected to TP LINK router


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Devialet D800, using Devialet Air, connections to network by ethernet cable

I have discovered a couple of quirks with Roon searching and possible the interface with Tidal so wanted to share them on the forum. It may be the way the underlying data is set for the artists I search for but would appreciate others views, especially ROON team

I am a big fan of Above & Beyond. They do a series of albums, essentially recordings of their live streams which are titled, Above & Beyond Group Therapy nnn. There are about 400 or so of these albums.

If I go into Roon and search for Above & Beyond, the artist appears. I click on the hot link and get the Above & Beyond overview page, which includes the A&B albums that I have specifically in my library. Not many, but that is fine and what I would expect

If I click on Discography. I expect to see the full range of albums as per Tidal. I don’t, I only get the albums that are in my library. Something similar happens with Anjunabeats

If I do similar search with other bands, the discography button presents the full number of albums in Tidal as well as my own library, so it would appear that the search is working, just not 100% of the time.

I have found a work around to get more of the Group Therapy albums displayed. If I search for Group Therapy, then I get the display Top Result, an artist section and an album section. They are all populated with related information. If I click on the MORE button on the album search results, then the system displays a lot of the Group Therapy albums. Possibly not all of them, but a good number.

another issue.

If I go into the Browse > TIDAL section of ROON and then click My favourites. I see all my favourite artist in Tidal. If I then click on Above & Beyond in the display, nothing happens. just a ROON spinning wheel.

If I click on a favourite Album in this sub display, I get a ROON spinning wheel saying Displaying Album but nothing gets presented.

Something not right here either.

I would say this search used to work before 1.8 and I thought it worked after the 1.8 upgrade but stopped yesterday. Maybe my library is corrupt so would it be worth starting afresh?

It is frustrating and would be good to find a solution or if it a bug, add it to the bugs to be resolved list. It is not the end of the world as there is always a work around, just a shame that it is not working as well as it used to

Any thoughts or help would be very much appreciated


Just a small update

I rebuilt my Roon database and tried similar search and operations as detailed in my previous post

The second problem, spinning Roon icon when selecting an album from my tidal favourites has now gone.

Sadly the search issues for Above & Beyond remain


Thanks for the report here, @Neil_Mason1 — I’ve passed this along for our team to investigate further.

Thanks @dylan
I realise how busy the team must be so thanks for following up

A bit more I discovered is that if I search for above & beyond I get three artists. One is presented without an artist graphic. If I click this artist, Roon presents all the albums I would expect …

So the music is there, which is key, I know how to find it, I am assuming some source data issues which might be fixable …

Thanks again


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Hi, @Neil_Mason1 , sorry for a late reply here. We are inestigating this issue at the moment. That might be a metadata issue. An update will be posted here as soon as we have a definite answer.

Apologies for troubles.