Strange settings EQ

Hello! I have a question about the EQ in Roon. And in particular my adjustments That I have to do to match the standard output from my Auralic Aries Mini.

I use Roon only to adjust the sound more neutral, therefore I use the EQ in Roon. The strange thing is, I have to boost the high end a lot to match the sound directly from my Auralic. When I switch from Roon to Auralic output they now have the same highs.
Can anyone explain to me why I have to boost the highs that much?

When I measure the high end (10-11-12-13khz) is still -3 - 4db

Thanks very much!:slight_smile:

Can I ask you how you have measured the sound output through Roon? What is your measurment equipment and how do you perform measurements with it?

One: My ears. I can switch directly A/B
Two: With a microphone and a tone-test cd available on Qobuz.

I have tested a lot of points from 30Hz -14khz

Well, the reason for asking is because when I look at your EQ it looks like a typical inverse response of a measurement. I see quite a lot of sharp filters following each other like the sharp transition from -8db@80Hz to +2dB@100Hz as well as the sharp transition between 900Hz and 1kHz. How did you come to these EQ settings? By ear? It looks like you are trying to flatten lots of diffraction and/or reflection artifacts.

In the lower end (700-30Hz) there are always peaks&dips. But that’s not the question here.
I want to know why I have to boost the high frequencies that much.

But the question is not very clear. You are comparing the output of your aerelic aries mini to the ouput of Roon but you don’t specify how you use Roon. Do you compare the Aeralic software with Roon both on the same Aerelic device or do you compare Roon on the Aealic device with Roon on another device? What is the configuration? It is not clear.

The Auralic is Roon ready, so I can play only via the Auralic via the LightningDS remote application from Auralic, or I can play via Roon. Both have the same output,… the Auralic.
That’s why I can switch easily what I want to hear, only the Auralic and it’s own software, or Roon via the Auralic.

I hope it’s more clear to you now:)

You’d need to provide the testing results from Roon vs. Lightning playback. Of course, you need to calibrate volume between the two to make sure the graphs lineup properly. Also, supply a screenshot of the signal path when you run the test in Roon. You want to run the test in Roon with all DSP off of course.

Does Lightning DS have any EQ, upsampling or any other form of DSP enabled?

Nope. I’m my case the Auralic software doesn’t adjust the audio signal. There is only the normal/standard digital filter

PEQ filters on signal does not mean the rest of your equipment will follow 100%. I see a big difference on PEQ depending on which amplifier I’m using as an example. The entire signal path is involved here.

Thanks for your response! But, what’s PEQ? :grimacing:

Parametric EQ. It would really help if you could post a screenshot of your signal path.


I’ve got this. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Try turning off all the Roon DSP except for PEQ.

Your EQ has a high frequency boost of +6dB, but your headroom management is only -4dB. Are you sure it’s not clipping?

What’s PEQ?

Yes, I’m sure it’s not clipping;)

This (10 char).

I’m out then. I can’t think of anything that would result in a 6dB difference between something through Roon vs LightningDS. Sorry.