Strange shuffle behaviour on performer/composer page

I’ve many albums from Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle. The most tracks are composed by Maynard James Keenan who is also the lead vocalist. When I open the Performer page Maynard James Keenan Roon shows me 8 top tracks and most of his albums/bands. If I click the shuffle button Roon always plays only two tracks. I tried to add the lead vocalist to every single track but it doesn’t change the situation.

When I switch to the Composer view the shuffle plays many more tracks. What’s going wrong with the performer shuffle and how can I fix it?

@support I’m having similar problems.

I thought I’d shuffle Jim Keltner and each time I shuffle a track from Mike Scott is chosen. Then 2 tracks from Billy the Kid then the shuffle stops.

A Roon database restart gives.

Seems like a bug?


Thanks for the feedback @Tekl and @Sloop_John_B , I will have our tech team bang on this a little bit and let you know what we come up with :microscope:


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Hi, @Sloop_John_B, @Tekl, could you please tell if these artist which you’re having problems with, has Main Albums on their pages, or only Appearances, like for example Paul McCartney does here:



Take a look:

No main albums as you hypothesise.


Thanks for your replies, @Sloop_John_B, @Tekl, we will discuss this internally. I think I have an idea why this stuff happens.


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