Strange Sort order in Build 778

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When sorting your Album view in “Order by Artist” i get a lot of my sampler albums inserted here and there. I can see that they are injected in the list based on their Album name, but i have selected Sort by Artist. I have them tagged as AlbumArtist="Various Artists"which works fine in other software, and seemingly good enough even in Roon. Most of them are correctly identified and still seem to retain the AlbumArtist=“Various Artists”.

I am also having troubles creating a bookmark/tag for my beloved samplers as Various/Various Artists is not selectable as a Focus option, neither as Artist nor as an album type=Compilation

Right now i have a bookmark for focus Genre≠Classical and Filter=“Various” but it seems a bit missing…

Something like that also here. When I have chosen an artist I want him to show all albums from new to old. This no longer happens. When I change the setting nothing happens.
Not good with “overview”, but good with “Discography”

A filter for “Various Artists” will select all albums with AlbumArtist=“Various Artists”. Can you elaborate a bit about what seems missing?

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Appreciate the feedback! Actually, i have missed the Setting for sort order regarding Compilations!
That doesnot quite explain the behaviour though, even if i can change it into something more predictable! :smiley: Excellent!

Regarding the focus setting and filtering, i was expecting to Focus on Album Type=Compilation AND Artist=Various Artists AND NOT Classical. I do see potential confusion regarding compilations from a single artist though.

I keep the “Various Artists” filter as a bookmark as it’s often handy. I also leave the VA option in Settings on “Use Album Title” because it’s what I expect when I inspect my VA albums - else they get sorted by (original) release date.

Yes, compilations means more than just VA albums. Use what fits your intention, VA filter or Compilation focus, as base and add the genre focus (-Classical). This should do what you expect.

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