Strange Things with TIDAL + ROON Syncing / Availabilty

Hello there… I have been using my TIDAL account with ROON for some weeks now and from time to time I notice that albums I discover and add to my TIDAL collection (while driving in my car) never appear in my ALBUMS collection on ROON and when I do go looking for them… they don’t exist or if they do only one or two tracks appear in the listing. A recent example being Spencer Brown’s new CD release “Stream of Consciousness”, appears in full on TIDAL… I have it added to my collection… I then go into ROON and it’s not in my ALBUMS sections and if I go look for the album release it only appears in the Singles & EPs section and only two tracks appear.

Then when I go back to TIDAL to want to play the full album, TIDAL won’t allow me play it as it says my Account is being used by a different device. I quit ROON and it still says it… why is this and what is the best method to ensure I can play both apps when I want…?

Any advice, comments or support very much appreciated.