Strange Visual Error

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Roon Nucleus/Roon v1.7/Build555

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Description Of Issue

In our shop, we have 6 different Apple computers running Roon, along with 3 iPads. All but one computer runs flawlessly, but one of them has a very strange visual glitch. It’s almost as if Roon is running on not-enough colors to properly display the screen. I’ve attached two images below, the first is the computer with the visual glitch, the second from another computer showing normal visuals.

Have tried rebooting Roon, updating Roon, and deleting and re-installing Roon. No change.

Let me know if I can provide any more information here.

Are they both using the same/latest version of roon?

What are system and perhaps more importantly display specs of the 2 systems pictured

Hello @Landon_Swindoll, and welcome to the community! Wizardofoz has some good questions here. What are the specs of the monitors displayed above? Has anyone changed the display settings for the issue monitor or compared the settings to the other working ones?

Yes, both are using the same version of Roon. Both are iMacs running the exact same OS and display settings. The iMac showing error is a mid-2010 model and the one that shows Roon correctly is a 2011 model, but I can’t imagine that affects the outcome (happy to be wrong, though).

Let me know if I can provide further spec information for either Mac.

Thanks for the welcome! Cool to have a discussion and you chiming in to help.

No display settings have been changed on either display. The most interesting part to me is that the computer with the Roon error has no other display errors. Every other program opens and runs with zero display differences. It’s only Roon that is showing up strangely.

That may be so, but I notice that your screenshots report different resolution values? Are you sure the colour depth is the same for both (the “good” display seems to be showing the album cover art in the background, whereas the “bad” display is not (able to) show this)…

I’ll check right now and report back.

I imagine the resolution differences are because the window displaying Roon is a different size on each computer?

Do you have any other programs which use OpenGL on those computers, like a graphic intensive game? You might not see any difference in other programs because you don’t use any other programs which utilize OpenGL.

Double check the version of OpenGL on both those machines.

I would be that the graphics chip between those models are different.

Both iMacs are running standard iMac display settings (no change from default). Not sure how to check OpenGL versions on the iMacs. Can confirm that the graphics chip between the two is different, with more RAM on the newer model (displaying correct). Mid 2010 is ATI HD 4670 w/ 256MB VRAM, and the newer (correct) iMac is AMD HD 6750M w/ 512MB VRAM.

If the slightly older Mac can’t display the current version of Roon correctly, can we fall back to a version that does?

I don’t think it’s a question of “correctness” - Roon displays what it can, and makes use of the capabilities of the graphics hardware to its fullest advantage. It’s like running a modern game on older graphics hardware - you’re not going to see the best possible display.

So the answer is no? AKA There isn’t a way to have Roon display like the other computers in our store?

Thank you for all the help, everyone.

More info here–we have another Mid-2010 iMac here that was running Build 555 and the visual display was all good. Install Build 571 and it has the same change in visual display as the other Mid-2010 iMac. Seems like something in Build 571 is reacting negatively with this graphics card.

Hello @Landon_Swindoll, I discussed this issue with my team and we would like to gather logs from the machine in question. On the issue mac, could you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using this link. Let me know when you’ve had a chance to add those logs and I’ll send the report over to my team!

Thank you for your continued interest in this, Nuwiry. I’ve uploaded the logs from one of the machines showing the graphical error. I only make this note because you mentioned the machine in question, and it’s actually two different iMacs in the store.

Thank you again!

Thanks @Landon_Swindoll, sending the info over now. I’ll be back!

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