Strange white noise floor

“The Light Suite” on For 2 Akis by the Shinya Fukumori Trio begins with a couple of separated hits to the drum. Each of these notes is followed by a carpet of white noise. Happens with both avail Tidal versions 44.1/16 and MQA. Happens with 4 different DACs. Cannot be the drum so probably something that happened during recording or mastering? Can someone relate and explain?

I’d say, it’s time to switch to Qobuz…
Just listened to Qobuz’ 88.2kHz/24bit and 44.1/16bit flawless versions, as I would’ve expected from ECM…

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I just tried it on 2 Tidal and 2 Qobuz and didn’t hear it.

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Thanks for testing!

What an annoying result. My plan was to leave Tidal for Apple Music (which I pay anyway) one day, either when a AM Roon integration, a takeover of Roon by Apple, or bit perfect streaming to endpoints by AM happened. Whatever came first. Damn!

Strange. It’s here clearly noticeable on
a Buchardt I150 (integrated ESS 9028pro)
an Audioquest Cobalt
a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital
a Topping E50

Both speakers and decent headphones :thinking:

There’s a little bit of a noisy heater going on the porch where I am so maybe it’s too soft for me to hear. I’m using Mojo 2 and Focal Clear open back.

It doesn’t jump right into your face for sure. It’s subtle. But it’s there. Or I need to see my doctor.

To be precise, this noise starts while the drum note is decaying. Decays as well so there is a pure and silent listening space again until the next time the drum is hit.

Alright, listened again via speakers, and also Sennheiser HD600 driven in balanced mode, and do actually also hear what you’re describing.

Have to admit, that I’m suffering from a hefty, feverish Bronchitis for the past 6 days with blocked ears and everything, so not that acute an auditory status here…

And it does need a healthy twist of the dial to really get noticeable.

I seem to hear faint microphone amplifier hiss with the drum track, modulated by the signal, as if dithering is improperly set.

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It could just be a compressor on the drum recording.

Quite common to have a little hiss on a microphone pre-amp. If the engineer has used a compressor on the drum to bring out the attack/sustain (again quite common) this would exaggerate the hiss as the compressor releases.


Listen to the piece and decide for yourself if it sounds like a compressor’s signature - I don’t think so myself, since it seems to work in “reverse”.

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@Marin_Weigel agree - it’s not a compressor. As you say it’s loudest a little after the strike - and then drops off as the drum decays.

I was listening via Qobuz - so definitely not any kind of MQA artifact from Tidal.

It doesn’t sound like the white noise hiss from a mic / mic pre or tape. It has a slight scratchy grain to it which sounds more like a vinyl noise (which it can’t be) or a digital artifact.

I can also hear it on the piano - like the wind blowing when the piano sustain pedal is released.

Could it be incorrect dithering on the mastering - or some sort of artifact of noise reduction?

Regardless it’s definitely on the album!

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Wow - thanks everyone for taking the time to look in and explain. Great community this is!