Strategy for finding a particular work and recording?

I’m struggling a bit, especially with classical (but not only). This is the sort of thing that really ought to be in Roon’s wheelhouse, with its metadata-rich orientation.

First case: I want to locate a particular work by a particular composer. Maybe I’ve got several recordings of the same piece. I want to drill down and find all of those recordings. I’ll present as the ideal something like what does on their website, but I’m open to other approaches. Roon experts: How do you do this?

Next: I’d like to listen to a particular recording of a certain work, or set of works–say a jazz work by Charlie Parker. Let’s say I want to listen to his 1945 recording dates. How do I find them? This is the sort of thing where the information would probably be listed in the booklet that came with a CD, or on the record jacket. But since I’m now all-digital, I need a product like Roon to do this for me; otherwise, I might as well keep all my CDs out on a shelf and shoe them into a machine when I want to hear something.

To me, the first problem is basic, fundamental. The second is a bit more advanced. I haven’t figured out either yet.


First case:

Second case:
For Album release date:
Menu/Albums/Focus/Filter - type in Artist/Composer/Performer
Then add a further filter with Focus/Years

I don’t think Focus permits search by recording date.

Andrew–thanks, this is helpful. Only remaining problem (first issue) is that composer IDs are not uniform; in my library, Beethoven (eg) has more than 200 works split among 4 different “composer” identities. Is that a problem with Roon’s own metadata, or did I do something wrong when ripping and importing CDs?

I think it is release date which for most scenarios is probably close enough.

There are multiple sufficient causes for artist (or composer) equivalence issues. I think it’s fair to say that Works generally are not yet where the devs want them to be.

I’ll drop a flag for Joel who may be able to solve some of the multiple entry issues in the Metadata Issues thread. It may be that @Ludwig is able to assist further regarding Works.

Most but not all. Perhaps this is asking a lot of a small crew, but if the selling point of Roon is metadata an experience-enrichment, then the original release date is very important. (It’s more important, I would argue than the release date of a particular version although that’s important, too.)

I’m trying to do something that should be right down Roon’s alley: Investigate the history of jazz via key recordings, like the sides recorded (to 78s I think, originally) in 1945 by Parker and Gillespie. I’m sure these have been released (probably with other early recordings) on LP and CD, but it’s surprisingly difficult to locate them via information available online.

Here’s an example of impeccable work, presumably by the Roon crew–what they should aspire to for every recording, IMO


You can also go Menu/Composers/ and from there find your composer.

The creation of multiple Beethovens (for example) is a known and understood bug but one which I understand involves major back-end work to fix. (@andybob check out Redmine 13389)

The idea of listing an artists recording by date (a sessionography, if you like) has been proposed. It wouldn’t work very well without perfect metadata, mind. I see that as the major difficulty there.

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