Stray genres appearing

I limit my genres by:

  • Turning off “Use genres from Roon’s metadata database”
  • Turning on “Use genres extracted from file tags”
  • Removing Style tags from all files
  • Ensuring only my limited set of genres are used in files

This generally works very well, but for a very small number of albums (<5%?), additional genres still appear.

Does anyone have any idea where in the metadata these might be hiding?

Thanks in advance for any guidance

maybe tags for Mood?

The answer turned out to be embarrassing. I usually only do genres via file metadata, but in the case of a small number of albums, I must have set genres within roon without remembering.

The depths of my dumb!

Oh, I didn’t even think about that. I also change metadata externally and would not remember which specific albums I changed in Roon either. Glad you figured it out! :grinning:


Now if I can just remember to not accidentally delete “.” my music collection

Post edit note: it wouldn’t allow me to use the star symbol. I was trying to say delete