Stream drops out a lot

I’m having trouble playing a stream for 2dayfm in Sydney. Every now and then, the stream stops for a few seconds, then recovers. I didn’t have this problem with the stream before 1.7. I’m playing to a Sonos zone, and the Sonos app itself doesn’t have a problem playing the same station.

I noticed there were improvements to buffering in a recent update, and I’m wondering whether this is needed for live radio too.

Which stream are you using? I see that we didn’t have 2dayfm in Roon, so I added it.

Is my stream (not very good quality unfortunately) the same as yours and does it work?

Mine is,aac. Different, and a much higher quality. I’ll try yours over the next day or so.

No idea where I got that link from. Had it for a while, and I remember it was hard to find.

I added your stream to the station in Roon. (I’m slightly surprised I could do that given their tunein connections). Strangely, I cannot play it through my browser. Anyway, there it is.

When I play either stream under that station I get the 32kbps stream.

Can you explain what you mean about the tunein connections?

Hmm. I get the 32k stream too. Yet if I play through Roon’s US servers, I get 128. I’m in UK, where are you situated?

The tunein comment referred to the fact that radiotime bought tunein some time ago. I think they’re effectively the same company now. Anyway, the point is that Roon can’t use tunein URLs in its general database, although individual users can. Hence my slight surprise, but, what do I know.

I’m in Australia. Very weird!

How is it you can’t use a Tunein URL
In your database but users can? How would anything know the difference (just interested)? I can use that same higher quality address just fine when I add it myself - but I’m still getting dropouts. They’re pretty infrequent, maybe a couple every 30 minutes, so if you can test it might take a while to be definitive. I’ll have to play some more with other higher quality streams to see if it’s just this stream, a problem with Sonos etc.

Is there any chance it could be a buffering problem with 1.7, since there was a fix for streaming services?

Thanks for your continued help.

Dunno. My guess is subscription issues. Tunein is free for a single user, but for a corporation?

Ok, I’m passing on to the experts here. @support

Happened to me last night. Tidal, Qobuz and my Library, my core windows 10. Close Roon , restart computer and restart Roon again. Good no more dropouts.

Hi @Stephen_Dawson,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Are you seeing these dropouts with other stations?

Leave it with me. It takes a while to be sure whether other stations have the same problem, because it’s very intermittent. Plus, my cable internet went down today, and although it’s back now they’re telling me it still needs work. So best to wait until that’s definitely stable.

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