Stream from Roon to Marantz 7010 in 2022

So … I have a Marantz 7010 and have had it for many happy years

Of course the 7011 is the first one that is ‘roon ready’ and recognised by Roon correctly

For ‘reasons’ I’m looking at the best way to stream to it - I know the DAC is pretty good and supports 192/24 however I want to use Roon with it now I have many HD Digital sources. I Have a couple of options but I don’t know enough to be sure - The way I see it I can use something like a Bluesound Node and Plug that in - but is that the best option or is there an alternative one ? And given the AMP should I use the digital out from the Blu to the Amps DAC or the analog connections or do i just try and use airplay - Honestly asking for advice here …

I believe Airplay is CD quality 44.1.

You can use HDMI from your core to the receiver and play Multi-channel or Stereo files up to 192/24 but it won’t play DSD.

I use the 7.1 analog inputs for my MC DAC with 7.1 outputs. Not familiar with other possibilities.

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Thanks Mike

Yes - I thought Airplay wouldnt be the quality I wanted - So its an external streamer I guess, I was think a BLusound Node - but then there’s which DAC to use - the Blu or out put the digital to Amp disgital coax in

I bought a separate DAC and a ifi zenstream and use those with my Marantz.

I used a rpi4 for a while but the zenstream is mostly mindless once patched/updated.

I can swap in and out DACs as my whims change too.

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Hmm so connect the Zenstream to the Digital in on the Marantz ?

sure? I would imagine that would be fine. I connected it via rca. I renamed the cd input on the Marantz to display Roon.

I would prefer with the Marantz a small PC with Rock on it and use then the HDMI output (also in multichannel).
Or you can use a RPi with a digit+ card and use a SPDIF input from the Marantz.

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This would be huge major news, if accurate. Can you elaborate or provide a link?

It is not Roon Ready, nor is any other Marantz. The SR7011 is a six year old AVR that is Roon Tested for AirPlay and has a line drawing. Nothing more.



That’s what I thought.

Hi John,
You could buy an inexpensive tablet ($150 or less) with a usb port and install Roon Bridge on it. That would allow it to communicate with your Roon Core. Then connect the tablet to the usb port in the front of your AVR. Then Roon could send signals up to 24/192 thru the laptop to the Marantz. I am not familiar with the front usb port on the Marantz, make sure it accepts hi-res
P.S: the SR-7011 is “Roon Tested”-- Roon will recognize it and integrate with it, but it isn’t “Roon Ready”

You could also buy something with a Roon Ready optical/coax output port that could connect to the same type of input port on the 7010. One type of device could be the Bluesound Node, but another could be the iFi Zen Streamer, as well as RPi solutions if you can find any.

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A Rpi 4 with Allo Digione HAT running Ropieee will provide a coax output Roon Ready . Ie a small pc bridge network to coax

Up to 24 192 if you amp will support

Big proviso is if you can buy one they are in short supply