Stream Spotify to Roon

Hi, I am looking for a way to play Spotify through Roon. I found a few threads, but they are quite old and some require a Mac. Would anyone mind pointing me to something that works in a Windows environment? My core runs on Windows and I control it via iPads. Thank you!

Install StreamWhatYouHear on your windows machine.

When running SWYH, you can create a URL for the stream it creates. You can stream at many different rates including lossess PCM (don’t know if Roon will stream the PCM from this link, but I know it works with high bitrate mp3).

edit: only setting I had to make to make it work was to set "use specific http port to: 5901

Add this URL to a favorite in Roon radio stations. Then start Spotify playing on your Windows machine from the Spotify application. It will then produce this stream via the SWYH URL (note, SWYH must be running on the Window machine; sometimes I forget this and the URL doesn’t play, but starting SWYH solves the problem). Playing the SWYH URL as a favorite in Roon radio will produce the Spotify output via Roon system.

Clunky but works. I use this approach to play some shows from SiriusXM.