Stream stops some times

I’ve got an album on repeat for break in of a new EtherREGEN and ISORegen. Roon stops now and then, pressing Pause/Play restarts the next track. Feedback sent: 28ac516adb6e27a6
Is there any trace of what is happening?

are you on wifi or wired? I don’t think there is any need to run audio thru the ER connections to run it in…data maybe…at least I didn’t worry about that on mine.

Wired. GB connection to the ER A side. Pi4 on the B port. USB from Pi4 via ISORegen to DAC

EDIT: just now the pi4 with it’s attached DAC vanished from Roon. A cold boot of the Pi fixed it. A new feedback sent right after the reboot e428e2bd5ba3abbf

hi @ogs,

I see a few things in your log: the filesystem of the SD card is damaged and I see several ‘under-voltage detections’.

The first can be a result of the second. I’m not sure if this is the cause, but I would suggest you reflash and do something on your power supply.


RPi4 needs a good solid 5V @ 3A The official; supply should be used if you dont have something better.

Thanks! I’m reflashing a new image now. I’ll look into the power supply thing. The ISORegen uses bus power from the Pi4. That is probably causing the trouble as the supply for the Pi4 is too small.

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run it without the isoregen for now

Yes, but the ‘DAC’ - a Sound Devices USBPre 2 is also bus powered so I’ll need a separate supply for the Pi. I have an Aqvox USB supply in a drawer. I can use that for the input side of the IR and a switcher for the Pi4 until I decide on a proper supply.

Just make sure the voltages are correct

@spockfish, @wizardofoz A new image on a new SD card + sorting power supply situation has fixed it! Thanks for helping…

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