Stream-URL of Radio Hamburg is not working

Radio Hamburg (Germany) has changed their streaming provider. They are now with
The URL is

But Roon is not able to handle/resolve it. StreaMonkey uses load balancer. If I enter a certain URL after load balancing e.g. Roon is able to play the station.

Can you please investigate on this?
I think, the original URL should work.


Hello @Henrik_Lampe , Roon sometimes has a problem with https streams and you have found one. Nevermind, the http stream works!

I’ve added Radio Hamburg to the database. Use the magnifying glass to find it.

PS The Roon devs are aware of the problem

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Thank you for taking care and adding Radio Hamburg to Roon’s directory.

However the data rate is shown as 72 kbps. Is this low rate real or just detected on stream start up?

StreaMonkey streams dynamically with codec HE-AAC v1 with VBR in 5 quality levels. A stable internet connection will result in level 5 after a short period. That means 110 to 150 kbps.

Thanks for clarification.
Roon users always strive for max quality :blush:

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You are quite right. The stream is VBR .aac and the 72 was based on a very short sample. I’ve just tested a longer version and the rate settled down at 125 or so.

I’ll change the advertised info to 125 as that’s a better indication, (it makes no difference to Roon and I have to put something )

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Perfect :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Thanks again, Brian

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