Streambox upscaling to chord TT DAC issue

Hi guys

I’m slightly confused as I have a Chord TT on loan and about to take a TT 2 tomorrow but I notice that the chord is upscaling to 24/96 from material that is being sent by Roon to my streamer as 88.8

I’m using a project streamsbox ultra S2 which is Roon ready and I’ve made sure that the upsampling is turned off. So the feed should be native pass through I think ?.

The old Hugo2 I had seen to play at 88.8 but now the TT is at 96.

This is the output as per roon

Any help would be appreciated



Here’s the OM. I have a Qutest, not a Hugo TT, so I’m not sure about certain features of the TT.

Does it matter (and I’m thinking out loud) which of the USB inputs you are using?

Hi Rob

Yes that got me thinking and I’m set to the USB HD port so maybe the SD port is needed. I know the HD can output at much higher resolutions.

Not sure if anyone else can comment? Cheers.

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