Streamed Playlist tracks now "Unavailable"

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### Roon Core Machine Innuos ZenMk3 MacBook Air OS BigSur 11.5.2 ,Dual Core Intel Core i3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Router hardwired to Innuos

Connected Audio Devices

USB from Innuos to DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Streamed Playlist tracks now “Unavailable”
The tracks with I uploaded from my own CDs are available.
See attached image.

How do I get these Roon, Qobuz and Innuos to play nice?

As a first step I’d suggest checking that you’re still logged in to Qobuz. If so, try logging out and then back in again. I know there have been issues with tracks disappearing in Qobuz, but I thought this issue had been mostly resolved. Maybe not.

EDIT: don’t delete any of the tracks that seem to be missing as they may well return of their own accord.

Sometimes tracks that were previously available become unavailable because of licensing issues.

Yep, but that’s not the issue in this case. I checked two of the tracks in the OPs photo - Pat Metheny and London Grammar - and both ace available on Qobuz.

Different country?

Well, they’re available in America also. So, maybe not.

It was a good call, but if they’re available in the UK and the US I suspect that’s not the issue.

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This has happened to me. The album/track might be available, but sometimes THAT SPECIFIC file is no longer available.

Each file has an ID. Go ahead and delete the bad tracks from your playlist, find the album again in Tidal/Qobuz and re-add it to your playlist. You should be good to go.

It happens.


I think @terzinator is on the right track here.
Might be same track but possibly different release/ master etc.
If it’s not the EXACT track to a T that was added to the playlist it will now show as unavailable.

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Tracks disappear usually due to relicensing then a different ID instance of the track is put back online.
Its a recurring issue, many threads and suggested simplistic fixes offered.

I have also experienced that tracks are deleted and uploaded again getting a new id (on streaming service). So this is the most likely reason behind this. This is part of the challenges with streaming services, and the main reason I buy albums I like (either on CD, SACD, DVD-Audio or online). Suddenly one artists gets grumpy (or has made an exclusive deal with another streaming service) and they get pulled out.

Roon’s ability to mix and match with local files and streaming services is one (of many) of the things making Roon great :+1:

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