Streamer with Bluetooth headphones?

Is there a good Roon streamer that can be used with Bluetooth headphones?

Any phone would be my first thought.

High end streamer I meant, something like Lumin

No idea in that case, it seems a bit odd to build the quality up and then downgrade it over Bluetooth.


I bought a WiiM Mini partly for this use case to help improve the experience of using Bluetooth headphones (Sennheiser Momentum 4) with Roon (via Airplay 2 until they (hopefully) implement Roon Ready by end of this year per their developers). I have mixed results with it - I have lots of weird Bluetooth issues when connected to the WiiM Mini (nothing to do with Roon - happens overall with all the services and the device itself). Originally was going to get the Bluesound Node (aptx HD) until I heard about the WiiM Mini (AAC SBC), and am not sure if the Bluesound Node would be a much better experience from a Bluetooth headphones perspective/use case.

Connected to the iPhone (13 Mini) sounds great, but Roon will stop playing periodically and I have to turn on the screen and hit Play again to resume (very annoying). Also - iOS will play other sounds over Roon - most likely because there is no Exclusive Mode available for iOS (unfortunately). So I’m trying to find an alternate solution to play Roon exclusively over Bluetooth.

My original solution over all these years was a CCA to my Sennheiser RS 185s which sound great, but I have periodic dropouts happening (I live in a congested area so the RF doesn’t work as well even being so close to the base station).