Streamer with NAA on separate network

My digital audio chain:

  • computer → switch with SFP port → fiber-> opticalModule → microRendu (upgraded) → RME ADI-2 DAC
    does not work at best if I feed it 1Gb/s. On the other hand, I want 1Gb/s for rest of computer (internet speed tests gives me 500Mb/second).

The best solution would be to upgrade opticalModule to the new delux version, but for now I have added another NIC in my computer like this:
1 Built in NIC on motherboard connects to ISP
2 Separate NIC (PCIe) runs through an MFC and then opticalModule, streamer and DAC.

I run 1 above at 1Gb/s and 2 at 100Mbit/sec (NIC settings in Windows 10) and have gotten it to work with a Windows Network Bridge, but not flawlessly.

Is there any better way to fix this?

Hey @Magnus

I don’t see how this can be ‘fixed’ apart from doing things the normal / recommended way.

Why doesn’t the Sonore chain work well on gigabit speed?

I thought it’s supposed to run only on gigabit? You have dropouts?


Then new opticalModule works with 1Gb, but not the old one I have. It gives stuttering, and according to Sonore it has something to do with pause frames.

I got it working for now with a network bridge in Windows, and to be honest I prefer 100Mbit for digital transmissions.