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Just playing around with ARC and discovered the playback was lossy and downsampled to 256kbps with a note saying this was determined by my streaming settings. When returning to my home the file was streaming in original file size.
Is this a limit I have selected in software or is this stream downsampled due to a perceived limit in the streaming services available to me when in my car and driving around? Can I elect to increase this bandwidth or is it hardwired to downsample when the streaming seems limited in scale?
Hope this makes sense…Thanks

You can select in settings

In the Roon ARC app on your phone, go into the settings and choose “Original Format” for both WIFI and cellular. Then, attach a good quality DAC to your phone. Otherwise, Apple iPhone will downsample to 24/48. I’m not sure what an Android does.

Thanks for your reply…not out in the car to check but I believe I had flagged this so wondering if the stream was downsampled due to perceived bandwidth limitations. Does ARC make these determinations on the fly?

Thanks. Am happy with 24/48 for “on the road listening” but was surprised the phone displayed lossy and stream at 256kbps…yikes !
First day out with ARC so will play around.

Change the settings in the Roon ARC app and use a DAC with your phone. It’s downsampling because those are the settings you choose. Also, iPhone will downsample to max of 24/48 without a DAC. I’m not sure what Android will do.

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