Streaming Bridge!?

why do i need a streaming bridge?

use now:
roon Nucleus in DAC (USB C) in Pre-Amp in KEF LS50W.
everything wired, nothing wireless.

what would a streaming bridge do in it?

only use roon.
internal SSD i. nucleus, or external HD.

Nobody knows??? :cry:

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Simply put, you do not need a bridge with your current setup. You would need one if you had gear with no streaming capabilities. For example, I have a DAC in my bedroom which I use with my headphones and this requires a bridge in the form of a streamer to avoid me connecting my phone or laptop to this DAC via a cable.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:


You don’t need a streaming bridge. However the LS50W have their own bridge built in so you can try using that to see if there is a difference for you.

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You could even take your DAC and preamp out of the loop and simplify the chain further!

Do you have any specific reason as to why you are inserting a D/A converter and preamp then have the KEFs do another A/D then D/A conversion?

Yes sir.
With the Krell Pre ist Sounds Bettler, more analogish. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Some people find PC -USB-> DAC to sound “bad”. This can be for a number of reasons but you’ll see words like “noise” or “ground issues” or “EMI”. Regardless…

You may find that a dedicated bridge (digital / network transport) provides benefits to the sound quality. Just like you have found benefits to using your own dac and pre-amp instead of using the transport, dac, pre of the LS50W directly.

Everything makes some amount of difference. Not always good but a difference for sure. Can’t really tell if its a benefit until you try.

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Successfully tackled that problem recently…

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