Streaming cache for low bandwidth

Hi there,

I wish I could have some cache on files while playing stream music (Qobuz).
It seems that Roon doesn’t cache download files and it would make sense to have a local disk cache (as Qobuz desktop app does).

Is this feature to be configured somewhere?

Thank you

You cant do this in 3rd party applications only native Qobuz apps. It’s the same for any music service and any application. Roon cannot change this. They cannot allow it due to the strict license agreement streaming services have with labels. This is why all content downloaded for offline play is heavily encrypted .

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Thank you for the answer. As the size of the songs is growing (24 bits…), it will make sense to think about a new, and legal, way to consider the issue. Qobuz is not able to manage uPnp devices and relies on third parties, e.g. Roon. It would make sense to consider giving them keys to play music in efficient, modern ways. Anyway, I won’t change the world tonight. :wink:

It wont happen as with most internet bandwidth growing their wont be any incentive to.

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