Streaming DAC lost connection with Roon Nucleus. Settings changed in Roon 'Settings/Audio'

Roon Nucleus: Roon Version 1.7. Build 667. Ethernet wired to TP link Switch. Ethernet wired to Sky Router.

My Streaming DAC (dCS Bartók) lost connection with my Roon Nucleus. After a short while it regained connection, but some of the settings had changed in Settings > Audio. The Box with ‘Device Info’ was now blank, and it would not allow me to type a name and save it. Please see Screenshot.

My Samsung Android device is the only other Zone on the system. **In the Android Roon app, in ‘Settings > Audio’, the names have also disappeared. Please see Screenshot.

Roon also displayed an ‘Error message’. Please see Screenshot.

Broadband and Wifi working correctly.

Please can you assist with the issue.

Kind Regards

Hi @DJM,

Can you please try to reboot your Nucleus via the Web UI and power cycle that DAC as well?

Hi Noris
I switched the Nucleus and the dCS DAC off at the back. Left it for two minutes, switched both back on, all back to normal. Is it better to reboot via the Roon Web UI, rather than switch off the unit at the back?

A fellow member on the dCS community site, is having similar issues and receiving exactly the same error messages. A power cycle cured it for him too.

In October, a Roon member also got the error message.Too Many Failures message. I can't use Roon at all

Is this perhaps a Roon software issue?

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Hi @DJM,

Thanks for letting me know that the reboot of the Nucleus and dCS cleared the issue up!

Yes, rebooting via the WebUI ensures that the Nucleus shuts off properly. Or you can also press the power button once and wait for it to turn off, this cleanly shuts off RoonServer instead of having the power pulled.

Hmm, that’s strange your Nucleus is not communicating with our diagnostics servers. Can you please use these instructions to access the RoonServer/Logs folder and send me a set?

Hi Noris

I have sent the new Roon Log, zipped folder to


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Hi @DJM,

Thanks for the new log set, I took a look and I did see the issue you mentioned, it looks like Roon tried to request the supported formats from the dCS and it didn’t get a response back. I’m also seeing a few general network timeouts in the logs, this could have been a temporary networking issue, but if you notice it re-occur please let me know.

Hi Noris

Thanks for getting back to me.

Please could you answer some questions for me. I have searched the Knowledgebase, which answers some questions, but not all.

You have mentioned, “general network timeouts”. What does this mean in ‘layman’s terms’?

My Router is a Sky (BSB Sky) Dual Band Router. What would be the ideal settings within the Router, to reduce issues?
Do Dual Band Routers cause issues to networks used for Streaming?
Is it better to have a fixed IP Address for Roon and the dCS Streaming DAC?
Some ‘Techies’ bin their network provider Router, and buy a top rated Cisco Router, or similar. Is this a better idea?

Kind regards


Hi @DJM,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here due to the holiday season.

I’m seeing issues with your Core communicating with our account authentication servers and diagnostics servers. Some network timeouts are to be expected on a network, but I’m seeing more Network Errors than usual in your logs.

Your best option is to use a non-ISP router and have the current one in “Bridge Mode” (where it acts just as a modem). We don’t endorse a specific router brand, but we have found non-ISP routers to work much better in general for Roon.

If you are only seeing issues when you IP’s DHCP lease expires, then yes, but I saw network errors multiple times per day, IP leases are usually 24 hours. I don’t think it would help too much, but if you want you can set up Address Reservation in your current/next router to ensure that the router hands the same IP to the device.

A Cisco one would likely work fine, but if you want to read up on review there’s a few threads around the forum:

I would avoid using Managed Switches in the Roon setup though, especially Cisco Managed Switches.

Hope this helps and Happy Holidays :fireworks:

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Thank you Noris for your kind replies.

Have a very Happy New Year. :+1:

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