Streaming from Roon to AV Receiver

I am ROCK on a NUC to stream Qobuz into my stereo system which is driven by a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. No problems there.

I am planning to upgrade my AV receiver, located in a different space, and have identified a Onkyo receiver that is Roon Tested. Both the Roon Core and AV receiver will be connected by Ethernet cable to the LAN.

I know that I have to select the AV receiver as the audio device in the settings in Roon. My question is how to be sure that Roon will identify the AV receiver as a possible audio device and what input setting is used on the AV receiver to accept the Roon signal?


My Denon AVR 6300 is on my LAN but is not recognized by Roon (AFAIK). Maybe if I used the awful HEOS app. Anyway, my solution for getting Roon to the HT is to run HDMI from my Windows 10 computer (50ft hdmi cable) to the Media Player HDMI input, which I play in 2.2 stereo mode. The sound is fine (McIntosh XR100’s bi-amped and B&W D4B’s. The Roon controller page is up on my TV (i configured a second monitor in windows) and I can use my wireless mouse to navigate. Works for me. Happy listening. John

One other way is to use AirPlay if you have wireless capability from your controller.

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Thanks. I run Roon on a NUC, which has a HDMI outlet. Perhaps I could connect the NUC and receiver with a (long) HDMI cable.
I queried the Onkyo support on this and they suggested going through Airplay or Chromecast, neither of which I am familiar with.

These “roon tested” AVRs mostly use airplay, which is not optimal. To make it “roon ready” you would need a streamer attached to the AVR and the network, preferably via ethernet.

Depending on how much you want to spend and/or tinker, it could be a Raspberry pi with an s/pdif hat, a bluesound node, that new ifi streamer (there’s a thread about it here), or a tiny windows pc running roon endpoint/remote.

I use a cheap tiny pc running roon, with the extra benefit of having full hdmi roon screen display and control. It doesn’t need much horsepower for playback as an endpoint. Plus you can use the pc for other stuff like web browsing, youtube or whatever.

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My streamer— Mytek Brooklyn Bridge— is connected to the LAN by Ethernet.
How would I tell my core to send digital output from my streaming device to my AV receiver?
Note that currently my streaming device is acting as a DAC and sends a analog signal to my stereo receiver.

You wouldn’t stream from the mytek to the avr in another room. You would select the pc/pi/node or whatever is attached to your avr as the playback zone. The roon core will send digital audio over your ethernet to the pc/pi whatever running roon control or bridge that is attached to your network and your avr.

You can then play back independently on your mytek and your avr, or group them and play the same thing on both. (Don’t think this is possible with airplay.)


I am not sure I fully understand, but I think you are suggesting to stream directly from Roon by selecting the AV receiver as an output device for Roon through the Roon controller. If that works then it is a good choice, but one participant in this thread has an AV receiver (Denon) that is connected to the LAN and is not recognized by Roon. This may reflect the difference between Roon ready, Roon tested and not tested. Whichever, he solved that failure to communicate by running an hdmi cable between the Roon core and the AV receiver.
The AV receivers I am considering are not Roon ready. I don’t have it yet and so can’t connect it to the LAN. Until then I won’t know if it is recognized by Roon. If not, I wanted to understand if alternative solutions exist.

My Denon is recognized by roon on the Lan for AirPlay only, has nothing to do with the HDMI connection I use for the Multi-channel hi-res playback. The Denon was not originally Roon Tested when I started using Roon 2 years back, and it worked with Airplay and HDMI then as it does now. For roon ready over the lan I have a MC streaming Dac that uses the 7.1 analog inputs on the receiver. Either way the receiver is used in the playback chain.

He meant you connect a Roon ready device directly to you AV amp by Spdif or USB connection if it accepts usb audio devices and use the AV it as you would a separate DAC. That device is fed by Roon core and then it outputs audio via you AV system. Unless your AV amp supports Airplay or Chromecast as streaming inputs you have no other way. The device you choose is up to you . You can build or buy a raspberry pi Roon endpoint or a Bluesound node or the new if stream for not bug bucks.

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Get a raspberry pi and stick roopieee on it.

I have a denim x4300h and roon picks it up as an endpoint so surprised about the 6300 not working?

Mine working over AirPlay and when is use it the avr automatically switches over much the same way as if streaming airplay from apple device.

If your avr is well and truly not recognised then you could use pi with hdmi out or a chrome cast audio or even video into avr.

I would not spend too much effort on this though as music quality out of avr is not as good as a dedicated stereo system to my ears.

Best win ever for me was getting a pre amp with ht bypass (with power amp which improved movies and stereo) and then y on can have best of both worlds in same room

Sorry to confuse about my Denon 6300. It is recognized by my Roon/win10 controller using Airplay. Everything is better for me using the hdmi cable.

Hi Jack.

My Yamaha AVR is not Roon tested at all. But is part of my main set up, for movies and CD.

To stream Roon, I connected a RPi 4 and Digione hat running ropieee xl. With an Ethernet connection.

Ive actually added a little E30 Topping DAC into the chain too, with nice results. I’ve used coax from RPi to DAC and used RCA from DAC into AVR.

I have a spare linear ps powering RPi and DAC, so for around $600 total, the trusty old Yammy is running the big floor standing speakers for movies and Roon.

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Roon Ready devices work with the highest resolution, Roon Tested devices work via Airplay which only works with 44.1khz / 16bit. The manufacturers and their devices are linked on the page

Not strictly , Roon Ready is hardware that supports RAAT natively and has passed Roon Certification as per the partners list linked above

Roon Tested tends to be hardware (DAC’s ) that can be connected to a Roon core or Roon end point , normally by USB but does not support RAAT. In many cases the End Point supports RAAT eg RPi/Riopeee

Many AV amps support AirPlay or Chromecast. Also beware my Onkyo AV amp supported DLNA but not gapless !