Streaming intermittently freezing

Roon Core Machine

• ROCK 1.8 b831
• NUC8i5BEH (256GB SSD; 8GB RAM)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

• ARRIS (Xfinity) TG1682G cable modem router
• Ethernet to NUC
• Wifi to (2) SB Touch endpoints (EDO mod)

Connected Audio Devices

• Yamaha RX-V 863 (via DacMagic 100 from Touch)
• Altec desktop audio (via rca from Touch; using Touch native DAC)

Number of Tracks in Library

• 3140 music files (stored on 2T external HDD connected via usb to NUC)
• 1369 music files selected for streaming library from qobuz service

Description of Issue

Starting yesterday (10/23/21) playback began intermittently “freezing” during streaming from My List or radio. Playback doesn’t stop; “play/pause” button stays in play mode (showing “pause” button) but music simply stops playing and progress indicator halts.

Typically music resumes after 10-45 seconds at exactly the point playback froze; Occasionally “play/pause” button reverts to pause mode (showing “play” button) while progress indicator stays in same position, requiring pressing “play” to resume song – again from exact point where playback froze.

This issue seems to arise only during streaming playback from qobuz, not during playback from local files.

Is this issue related to “memory leak” issue associated with qobuz I have seen others posting about?


Update and correction…

Nope. It just started happening during a playlist of songs in my own local collection. So, there’s that…

How are you on build 795? Build 831 is current Stable. Go to the About tab under settings and try updating.

Sorry, that was a copy+paste from an old description I have on file. I’m on build 831. (I have corrected the post.) Good catch!

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Tell me how to get a support tag.

Hi @Paul_Burneko,

Roon’s support team monitor the #support section of the forum, they will get to you when it hits the top of their queue.

To tag support include @support like this in your post but it should not be necessary when the topic is in #support

Alternatively you can use this page from the Roonlabs website …

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Thank you @Carl. I will try to posses myself with patience.

Hey there @Paul_Burneko,

We’re sorry to hear that your music playback is hitting snags in Roon. This can sometimes be an indicator that a customer’s network is having difficulty reaching our servers.

I have a few questions that will help us pinpoint the issue:

  • Are you encountering this behaviour on all your endpoints or only certain endpoints?
  • Are those endpoints wired or wifi?
  • Did anything in your system or setup change about the time that this started occuring?

Let’s start with a simple hard reboot of your Core and Router.

Power down
Unplug them
Make a tea, or coffee
Plug in
Attempt successful playback

Please give that a go and let us know if it helps get you going again.

Also, please take a look at this articles form our help center on Best Networking practices. This information has helped other Roon customers get through similar issues. :v:

Hello @jamie, thanks.

At this time I’m only using one endpoint.


Nothing that I can think of.

So, during the time between my contacting Roon and your reply, I did in fact do a hard reboot of both core and router (I even had a cup of coffee…). That was day before yesterday. Since, I have only had an opportunity to to run playback for a few hours. I did not experience the issue. I plan to listen for a longer period today and will report back on whether the problem recurs. Meanwhile, I’ll read through “Network Best Practices” and have another cup of coffee.

Fingers crossed…

And thank you for getting back to me.

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Hi @Paul_Burneko

Excellent news! I think the cup of coffee :coffee: was the key factor here! :joy:

Let’s keep an eye on things and hope the fix holds. I too experience occasional incidents of misbehavior from Roon. Albums that won’t add, a few skipped tracks here and there, 99% of the time (not a scientifically measured statistic) a restart fixes things.

That’s why you’ll frequently see a reboot as our first recommendation. The coffee was just a bonus add on.

If things go wonky again please let us know!

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