Streaming is intermittent - do I need more RAM?

Description Of Issue

I had been able to run Tidal without issue for 2 years on my laptop connected wirelessly to my modem. I have installed Roon, connected to an iPad to run my new Lumin D2. I am really enjoying the sound and interface but I can only get 5 to 20 minutes of playback before getting kicked out due to a bad connection and needing to log in again. The system requirements for Roon is 4 gigs of RAM. I only have 4 with my laptop. I have upgraded my internet to gigabit. Should I increase the RAM in my laptop to 8 gigs or should I simply hard wire the laptop to my modem? Thank you in advance

It is unlikely to be the ram. I would try the hard wired connection first. Roon does not always love wireless connections.

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Hi @Adam_Goldfarb,

Thanks for reaching out regarding this issue, I too believe it is unlikely to be the RAM amount.
Can you provide some more information here?

  • What is your Core machine model/manufacturer? (Where the Roon app is installed on)
  • What is your network setup like, can you list the model/manufacturer?
  • How is the Core connected to the network, via WiFi or Ethernet? Is there any change if plugging in the Core via Ethernet?
  • Does this issue occur only on the Lumin zone? If you try to play back to another zone (for example “System Output”), do you experience the same behavior?
  • Does this issue only occur for TIDAL streaming? Does playback of local content working fine for you?

– Noris

Hi Adam,

As John indicated, can you utilize the laptop with a wired connection? Could be a wifi performance issue.

Thank you for all the replies. Regrettably, I purchased the most inexpensive laptop I could find a couple years for the sole purpose of streaming Tidal. There is no ethernet port. I bought an adapter today for an ethernet cable, however, I need to download drivers from a CD. I do not have a CD drive. The ethernet cable to the modem was also a significant tripping hazard. I decided to download Roon Core on my desktop. I was seeking to avoid this all along as the fan is quite distracting during quieter moments of playback. However, Roon is now operating flawlessly and I am pleased that I can use my new network music player optimally. I will need to look into an alternate for Roon Core in the future, for now I will focus on enjoying the system. Thank you all once again.


In the future, get an appropriate model of NUC that that is supported by ROCK that fits your budget, and get a fanless chassis for it.

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