Streaming quality option/offline cache, please [Streaming quality selection implemented in Roon 1.7]

I’d like to see options to chose streaming quality from Tidal/Qobuz manually. Like right now I am using a “mobile Roon solution” which means having my Roon Core on the MacBook Pro with an external 4Tb hard drive. For my streaming wants/needs I use my 4G mobile data from my cell phone.

For online content I’d be satisfied with the 320kbps MP3/AAC offered by both Tidal and Qobuz to not strain my data plan too much. However, it’d be even better if I could chose to cache my most listened to albums within Roon, like you do with the respective app?
I’m not sure this can be done though…

I am doing the 30 day Qobuz trial. Apparently my network can’t handle the 192/24 files. That hasn’t been a problem with Tidal, I guess because of MQA manipulations.

Can I get Roon or Qobuz to present the files to my network as 96/24 files? There’s a settings page on the Qobuz web player, but I can’t get to it through Roon.

Hi @JChrisG,
Unfortunately not at present but the Roon team are aware of this request topic that I’ve moved your post into, so fingers crossed we will get this one day.

Thanks Roon, for implementing this! :slight_smile:

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With all due respect, but this works for Qobuz.

If you go in Settings - Services - Qobuz - Edit, you can select the Play speed of Qobuz.

Here are 3 examples for Derek & The Dominoes - In concert , which is availble in 192kHz/24bit