Streaming Tidal On Roku

I just got an email from Tidal that you can now stream Tidal on Roku. Is that new or are they just now telling me this? Does anyone know the resolution you can get and will it do MQA?


AAC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV); MP3 (.MP3, .MKV); WMA (.ASF, .WMA, .MKV), FLAC (.FLAC, .MKV), PCM (.WAV, .MKV, .MP4, .MOV), AC3/EAC3 (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV, .AC3), DTS (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV), ALAC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV, .M4A)"

No mention of MQA. What good is Tidal without MQA?

I guess this is the answer:

"Can I enjoy master quality albums on my Roku TV?

No, the Roku device doesn’t support master quality. Highest audio quality is HiFi."