Streaming to a server vs to an end-point

So I’m guessing that when I stream to a network server (in this case my ROCK) I am generating about twice as much network traffic as I would if I streamed directly to an endpoint. Also, the ethernet controller on the server is working double. Would this ever affect sound quality if I were streaming 24/192 files?

more: When I set up my ROCK I was anticipating playing mostly from files on an internal SSD. Now that I’m mostly playing from Qobuz I wonder if this is still an optimal setup. Thanks.

There is extra traffic generated but not enough to distress it to the point your listening experience was damaged. My network can manage DSD and UHD TV at the same time with no lag or interference. What I have done is put my HiFi network on its own switch so it is connected back to the internet but all music IP traffic doesn’t touch the rest of the network.

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It really depends on your network. As long as the Core is wired, there should be no issue with getting an internet stream to the Core, processing it, and sending it back out to the endpoints.

Local music should be local to the core to reduce any potential overheads on the internal network, imho.

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Thanks for the replies. This is helpful.