Struggling to install ROCK on Dell Optiplex

I was previously running Roon MOCK on a Lenovo M73, installed with no problems, but it was a bit underpowered so picked up a Dell Optiplex 7070sff i5 9500 6core 4.4hrz 8GB RAM 256G NVE.

But for the life of me I can’t get it to boot, ROCK installs fine with no problems to a NVE 256GB but after I reboot the NVE disappeared from the boot manager, I disabled secure boot, any idea?

Are the drivers present to support your nve?
If you continue to have issues I recommend throwing a flavor of linux you may be comfortable with (or ubuntu if not comfortable as it is well supported) and install roonServer/roonBridge.

have zero experience with Linux so not a option,all drivers are updated,like I said rock installs fine but then dissapears from the boot manager after reboot,had to revert to using win10 jst now

I think you will have to enable legacy boot somewhere in the BIOS.
I suppose it’s trying to UEFI boot after initial install…

Please elaborte regarding what you refer to with “Boot Manager”?

In the Dell bios the nve drive was listed in the boot manager,after I disabled secure boot,enabled legacy I installed roon rock from the usb to the nve,which it installed fine,after I rebooted the dell won’t boot roon,so I went bck into the bios and the nve is missing from the bios boot manager

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Sounds like the install has gone bad or the NVMe. I have had a couple of Optiplex MOCKs but they were older. Can you tryanother NVMe?

Already thought it might be a bad drive/install so I reinstalled it to a ssd,but the exact same thing happened after I rebooted,the drive disappears from the boot manager in bios,really weird as it installs fine,

So, you are saying the installation drive is visible when you boot from the USB stick with ROCK on it? There is definently some setting gone bad here. Have you tried clearing boot keys (from secure boot-section)? You will likely destroy the opportunity to start from an older boot drive with Win10 in the process though.

I cleared the boot keys as someone else recommended this,and ye the ssd is visable,insert usb with roon,boot the pc,roon installer ask where to install roon and lists the ssd,install is successful plz reboot,drive disappears

If you boot from the USB stick again, is the SSD visible (for reinstall or such) then?

ye the ssd shows up when I boot from the USB,its jst not showing up in the bios boot manager,it was there before I installed roon on it but after roon installs it tells the install is successful and tells u to reboot,after I do that the ssd is gone,appreciate the help

Not much of a help, though, sorry… Difficult those pre-OS issues…
Does this make any sense?:

Stupid Dell-page there, might be confusing. It basically says that Optiplex 7060 and newer does not boot from Legacy devices?!?!

make a bit of sense,ive seen other people mange to install rock on similar dell so kinda weird,its obviously the Dell bios that’s causing the issue

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