Stuck at 200 Albums

Congrats to your team for hitting such a milestone.

Based on what’s been happening I decided to start with a fresh install on my Linux server. I have installed several times and manually deleted the contents of /var each time. I can’t get Roon to scan more than 200 albums though. It gets stuck there every time.

Any ideas why or what I should check? Thanks all.

You might have a corrupted audio file, check the logs and see if anything is indicated…I was stuck for weeks before I figured out what was happening.

Hey @Michael_Marley – I’d like to have a look at your logs in this state:

Can you get yourself stuck once more, then zip up the entire Logs folder from your database (location here) and post a Dropbox link or similar here?

If you don’t have access to Dropbox, let us know and we’ll give you a way to upload logs directly to us.


Thanks Mike for getting back to me. Somehow it just started working and now I am seeing everything. Great update btw!!