Stuck at Login Screen on new computer


I have changed the Mac that I was previously using to run Roonserver. I used Time Machine to restore the new machine, but I am having no luck using running Roonserver. The remotes find the library, but ask me to login. When I do this they simply ‘hang’, with the Logging In icon running.



Hi Peter,

It’s important to rename the Roon folder and do a fresh install when moving from Roon to RoonServer. Is your old machine still on the network ? If so then you need to ensure there is only one Roon or RoonServer folder with a database in it.

Edit: saw the distinction you refer to below.

Hi, thanks for your reply. It’s not a move from Roon to Roonserver, it’s replacing a machine that was previously running Roonserver with a new machine that has been restored using TimeMachine and is now running Roonserver with the original database.


I’d suggest backing up the database, delete RoonServer, do a fresh install and restore the backed up database.

I’ve tried that and still sticks on the Login screen. It’s fine if I set up a new database, but the moment I restore my old one it fails.

Reading through previous topics, it may be related to the fact that I did not sign out on my old machine as I thought everything would be transferred with Time Machine. If this is the case, what can be done to recognise that this machine is now my core using the database I have worked on for so long?


I had this problem also. What worked for me was to move the room library folder out of its position on the old computer to the desktop so I still had it in case of problems. Then on the now computer I deleted the room install created by time machine. You must also delete the room library folder on the new computer. I then reinstalled room and could log in. Since all my music is in iTunes, roon found it and rebuilt its database. I could then delete the data from my old computer since I was selling it. If you have customized your old database try making a copy and putting the copy on your new machine rather than restoring from time machine.

darn spell check. its roon not room.

Unfortunately, Time Machine is not a reliable way to back up your Roon database, and I would advise against it. Time Machine is a good way to backup a directory of static constant, like a directory of photos or music files that stay the same over time, even if you periodically add new ones.

Roon is regularly downloading new information in the background, updating cover art and biographies, correcting mistakes, etc, so there’s no way for TimeMachine to reliably snapshot the whole database, which is a requirement if things are going to be reliable.

We’re working on making this process easier, but for now you’ll want to follow the steps outlined here.

And @thompo – if you’ve put significant time into your database, and no longer have an untouched copy to fall back on, shoot me a PM and I’ll see if we can look into what’s happening here.